Why should you consider a website redesign?

Well, having an effective and interactive website is crucial, so it is important to always keep your website up to date and informative. However, we know sometimes it can be hard to tell when it is time for an overhaul, so here are a few signs that it may be time for a fresh coat of pixels.

1. Is your website Mobile Friendly?

In the last decade mobile internet use has grown at an exponential rate, and as of last year over half of people that accessed the internet did so on a mobile device, and there is no stopping this upward trend. Therefore, making sure your website is responsive is more important now than ever before. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to navigate a site where you have to use your fingers to zoom in to even be able to read the text, or having your thumb constantly click the wrong link as the text is too small. Ultimately if the visitor is having these problems, they are likely to leave your website in search of one that is easier to navigate from their mobile device. We anticipated this trend at Riley & Thomas, and have been creating mobile responsive sites since we began. Therefore, we are experts in making sure user experience on your mobile site is effortless.

2. It’s looks dated

It’s an unfortunate truth, but we all judge books by their covers, so a dated website design is unlikely to help generate business. If your website is more than 4 years old, chances are its not up to date with current design trends and looks a little…well crap. 4 years may not seem a long time, but when it comes to the fast moving world of the web it certainly is. The web is constantly progressing and the fight to capture your potential customers attention is only getting more intense. We bring a trusted blend of talent and skill, and know exactly how your brand should be reflected on your website.

3. Is your brand message correct?

Redesigning your website should involve looking at whether there are appropriate calls to action. A call to action is a part of your website that encourages a response that you want users to complete. An example of this on an ecommerce website would be a “buy now” button, which encourages people to move forward in the process of purchasing your product or service. Having these calls to action will reduce the number of people who leave your website almost immediately after clicking on it; this is shown as a percentage called bounce rate. The bounce rate would also indicate whether the content on your pages are engaging and encourage people to look further into the products and service that you offer. This is something we can look into for you with the analytics information we have access to with WordPress and can work with you to make these improvements.

4. Does it still reflect your brand?

Making sure your website still reflects your brand is crucial, as more often than not your potential customers will visit your website before picking up the phone or sending you an email request. Therefore, your website should reflect your current strategy, services and products, in order to keep up traffic and engagement. If you’ve been running your company for a few years and feel your brand has altered, or even if you feel your website has never quite portrayed your brand how you’ve wanted it to, we are happy to help with a website redesign.

5. SEO improvement

Redesigning your website means that you can make sure your website is optimised for search engines such as Google. SEO (search engine optimisation) means that your website will appear higher in searches using relevant keywords, therefore your website is more likely to be found by customers looking for content related to your site. Modifying the content on your page can improve your SEO and can reduce costs that would be incurred by paid advertising in order to make your page show higher in the search. SEO is a service that we offer as part of redesigning and rebuilding your website to ensure that potential customers can more easily find your products or services.

6. Health Check

Redesigning your website gives you the opportunity to make sure all elements of the site function properly. It is important that the features of the website work effectively so that people have a good user experience. For example with an ecommerce site, if some people have problems adding products to their cart, potential customers are likely to become frustrated using your website. This will cause them to look elsewhere so your business will be lost to competitors. When we develop and redesign your website, we check that all elements of the website function properly and will resolve any existing issues.

Having a modern, fresh, intuitive website is key to online business success.

At Riley & Thomas, we will turn your ideas into an adventure of a lifetime. We not only help clients build their brand and web presence from scratch, we actively assist businesses with their existing web presence to update and refresh their current websites with modern and proven strategies that will enhance their brand. If you think your website is in need of a refresh give us a call on 01386 842936Check out examples of our current work by clicking the links below.