Luxury Branding Logo & The Purpose Of Good Brand Guidelines


Creating a strong brand is not about a set of strict guidelines it is about consistency. It is about creating a living breathing entity with its own vision, personality and values.

Defining your brand’s essence, in all of its behaviours and expressions, is where the process must start to create effective brand guidelines for your luxury branding logo.

Essentially brand guidelines are a document that is essential in maintaining consistency in your brand and its personality. Whatever size company you are, brand guidelines should help you have a strong visual identity.  Whether that be through marketing activities, product design, visual or digital assets, your guidelines will give you a focus.

Luxury Branding Logo - Mosii Slipper Co
Luxury Branding Logo - Mosii England

Luxury Brand Guidelines Content

Brand guidelines provide information including correct logo use, colours, typography (for web and print), voice, suggested imagery, application to materials (posters, flyers to buildings). Using your luxury branding logo as a base, creatives are able to expand upon this to form these guidelines to give you a brand personality.

When it comes to brand guidelines they can be as restrictive or as free-flowing as you like. However, it is essential that they are clear. Some brand guidelines can be extremely basic. The consequence of this is that they are not then effective. They won’t provide you with much more information than “the luxury branding logo looks like this”, “the brand colours are this…” and “the brand typeogrpahy looks like this.”

Creative And Not Restrictive

Brand guidelines that are too detailed and restrictive can only make them less effective. These types of luxury brand guidelines can be frustrating and lead to a lack of creativity. Therefore, when producing a set of brand guidelines for a client, we are able to find a happy medium, in being clear about the brand personality, tone and vision that have room for creative elements.

If your brand guidelines are creative and not restrictive, then they will be able to provide guidance to any aspect of the business through multiple teams and roles. Anyone within the business who has an effect on how the brand is seen and perceived by customers needs to be able to effectively follow these guidelines.

Developing Your Business With Brand Guidelines

As not only a branding agency but business owners too, we are constantly looking at development and growth. We always ask clients what their long terms goals are and how they can see the business growing. When launching new products or services, a brand can become confused as it is trying to comply with a number of external factors. By implementing brand guidelines, you have the tools to quickly and effectively maintain consistency. A good set of guidelines will help integrate your marketing strategy and ensure that every element works together.

Brand guidelines help you aim your business’s interests with your target audience.

Luxury Branding Logo - Product Image
Luxury Website Design - Riley And Thomas
Product Shots Luxury Slippers - Mosii England

As a creative design agency, when creating a brand we always look at how it can be developed further. Normally when we are approached by a potential client that wants a brand refresh, they will not have a set of brand guidelines. This results in them wanting a new brand that is coherent. We understand that consistency is the key to have a unique brand identity.


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