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As the last year has shown us, having an online presence can make or break your business. Many small luxury brands now realise the importance of not only having a good website but a well-designed one. If you have not had to previously rely on a website, then the thought of a fully functioning and optimised website can be daunting. However, it has been proven that great web design only positively impacts the customer journey as well as increasing lead generation. As a luxury creative agency, we focus on delivery engaging website design, Worcestershire.

Whether you want to believe it or not, your customers care about design.
Your customers will be drawn in by the visuals on your website and will make a quick judgement based on your brand from this.

First impressions are the most powerful tool your brand possesses. More often than not the first interaction a customer will have will be with your website. This will make them determine if they can trust you and if what you have to offer is of use or value to them. Within the first second of entering your site, the visual design will determine if the customer wants to stay and explore the site further.

Luxury Web Design & Why You Need It

A good web design will combine all elements of colour, texture, space, size, shape and value into one.

The experience a user has on your website will determine how they feel about your brand. From this, you should always consider how consumers will use your site and what their primary goal is. You will then be able to develop your website design to accommodate this.
Even if your website functions perfectly, a bad website design may make users feel that it’s harder to use or find what they need.

3 out of 4 users will judge how credible you are as a business based on your website design. In order to encourage trust, your website design will need to be professional and modern. Brands are always looking to increase customer loyalty. Therefore by having a poor website design will not help contribute towards this.

As experts in web design, Worcestershire, we ensure that every website we create is optimised for mobile. Your mobile web design should be as good as, if not better than your desktop design. With an increasing number of visitors just using mobile sites, it must give the same level of trust and usability on a smaller device.

Luxury Florist Website Design Worcestershire - Riley And Thomas
Luxury Slipper Website Design Worcestershire - Riley And Thomas
Luxury Website Design - Riley And Thomas
Luxury Website Design - Riley And Thomas

Having a website is the best starting point for your business, but a website that is designed well is essential is gaining customer trust and converting it into actionable sales. Our lives revolve around everything being visual, and we have high expectations from businesses to deliver. If you feel like your website does not represent your brand and is not user friendly, then please get in touch with us to explore more about how we can transform it into a luxury website design.


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Luxury Website Design, Worcestershire

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