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How to use LinkedIn to boost your business and personal brand?


LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network in the world. It’s the perfect platform for business because you can promote yourself, create connection and build relationships.

If you’re looking for help from our social media expert based in Gloucestershire, we offer an array of tools for clients looking to form or maintain an existing social media presence.

Creating a business page on Linkedin will play a huge advantage when you’re looking to recruit or promote your product or service. Firstly, once you have created your company LinkedIn page it’s crucial to maintain the page and ensure it’s always on brand and up to date. You can do this by investing in a social media expert like our team here in Gloucestershire, alternatively, you can invest time into learning more about LinkedIn and how to maximise this new business tool.

An advantage of using LinkedIn for business is that your audience is seeking company information, the latest news and career opportunities. This means that it the perfect platform to create valuable connections with people within your industry. When you create content your audience wants to see they will engage. In addition, your business page will reach a wider range of business professionals. Another advantage is that you can create your online content in various forms such as SlideShare, videos, infographics, podcasts and so much more.

Social Media Expert Gloucestershire
Social Media Expert Gloucestershire

Our social media expert based in Gloucestershire runs a variety of our client’s company accounts. Sharing a variety of content such as:

Regular blog posts

Press coverage

Events coming up

New employees

Job adverts

Product launches

Building your employees personal brand is just as important as ensuring your business account is in tip-top shape. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to find new contacts and build on your professional network. Employees should treat their LinkedIn profile as a CV but with the added bonus of sharing your “portfolio” as you go. What we mean by “‘portfolio” is sharing any content on your business page and sharing outstanding work, such as sales statistics, a recent blog, a selection of photographs or news of a promotion.

We would recommend adding any relevant connections to your LinkedIn. This way you’re populating your feed with high quality and relevant industry content. You can connect with your employees, clients or people you’re interested in working for. In conclusion, you can see and interact with what your connections are posting.

Interacting with your connections is key, specifically messaging new connections found on LinkedIn. First impressions count so it’s important to remain professional at all times and have your conversations starter at the ready. LinkedIn is just like online networking so don’t be frightened to be brave and bold.

Utilising the endorsements section on your personal profile is a great way for fellow connections to see your skills set. When your connections “endorse” your skills, other potential recruiters, clients or businesses automatically have more confidence in the skills and services you’re providing.

By consistently building relationships, connecting with people and continually updating your profile you will see an increase in business. These quality sales leads will deem your organisation and employees trustworthy all because of your efforts on LinkedIn. Start using LinkedIn today and see what success it brings for you and your business.

As social media experts based in Gloucestershire, we offer an array of tools for clients looking to form or maintain an existing social media presence. Outsourcing the running of your social media is a great way to make sure you have regular, engaging content appearing on your channels. Our experts can manage your social platforms and will delve into your brand’s DNA. This means we will better understand your tone of voice and how to best engage with your audiences.


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Social Media Expert Gloucestershire

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