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What is social media engagement?

Firstly, social media engagement is made up of a variety of measurable metrics. You can find these measurable components via your social media platforms analytics. As social media experts, our social media managers will be able to build a monthly report. This means that it is presented in a digestible form so you can understand how your social media engagement is improving and why.

Engagement is essentially every possible way of interacting with your social media account. This could be messages, profile views, likes, comments and follows. Firstly, it’s important to have specific and measurable goals. This means your social media manager can narrow things down for you as a client.

Social media manager Cheltenham

Ask Questions

The easiest way to know what your audience wants from you is to ask.

To do this you can use features such as Twitter polls, Instagram stickers on stories or just simply posting an on-brand image with your desired question as to the caption. Questions create some of the most useful and thought-provoking engagement. You can create an irresistible feeling by utilising your chosen social media platforms features to make engaging that little bit easier for your audience.

Overall, consistency is key to improving your social media engagement rate and creating good, on-brand and relevant posts can be a challenge. Meanwhile, this is where our social media managers from Cheltenham come in, we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

User Generated Content

User-generated content is like gold dust. For instance, turning your customers into advocates improves your social media engagement rate by amplifying your brand’s voice. This results in growing your community and engaging new customers.

Our social media managers based near Cheltenham can work with you to build a strategy. This means that it will increase your social media engagement rate through user-generated content. Hashtags, competitions and meet the team style posts present the human side of your business and can help your company connect to like-minded people.

Social media manager Cheltenham
Social media manager Cheltenham

Incentivise Customers

Creating interactive content is the best way to boost your social media engagement. A quick win would be a social media competition/giveaway.

People love to win so incentivising liking, commenting or following your account with the possibility of winning a free piece of merchandise or hamper etc is a simple and effective way to improve your engagement rate and increase your audience reach. However, one thing to note is, this idea is a short term win and not a long term strategy.

We would also suggest consulting an expert social media manager like our team based just outside Cheltenham. Importantly, our team of professionals can advise you on any terms and conditions required and each social media platforms specific rules.

Get Creative

Above all, creativity and humour go a long way on social media, so the more time you put into ensuring your content is relevant, consistent and on-brand the more engagement you will see.

Therefore, we would suggest trialling out a variety of post styles and seeing which gains the most traction so you know what to focus your energy on. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, there has been a staggering increase in social media users and daily screen time. This means that your customers are ready and waiting to view something positive and sharable.

For help with creating content for social media, our team of social media managers near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire can help and advise on what your audience want and need.

Social media manager Cheltenham

In conclusion, our team of social media managers can help you break down your social media engagement. This means we will devise a bespoke strategy to ensure you achieve your specific and measurable goals. Similarly, it’s one thing to understand engagement and another thing to be able to analyse how this is improving. Eliminate the challenge and take one step closer to success by starting your journey with Riley and Thomas.

We run social media for everyone from startups and small businesses, to some exciting luxury boutique brands. We’re full service and flexible, covering strategy, creative, paid media, community management, influencers, campaigns and much more. You’ll benefit from expertly crafted, on-brand posts that show you off in your best light, making you look polished, professional and most importantly available for business. To clarify, consistent posting can create a real buzz around your brand and help you connect with your audience on a personal and emotional level – that’s what makes it so valuable!


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