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How to use facebook groups to network and grow your business


Our social media marketing team are always keeping up to date on the latest social media algorithm changes. Read more on how Facebook groups can benefit your business.

Facebook groups help customers feel close to your business and feel as if they are special. This breeds loyalty which is exactly what we want.

Facebook groups are where users can join, post their thoughts, recommendations and suggestions onto a wall and engage with other businesses and users. These groups are created by businesses or users looking to promote activities, services or products. With Facebook having almost 2.5 billion users, it’s clear that businesses should be tapping into this invaluable social media networking site.

Facebook’s latest algorithm prioritises posts that spark conversation and meaningful interactions. This means that Facebook groups are trying to get users to ask questions and help other users and businesses with their problems. This new algorithm benefits Facebook groups allowing businesses to see an increase in organic engagement which leads to an increase in reach and when you reach more people you gain more engagement again – Win-win.

How you can use social media marketing and Facebook groups to network and grow your business:

To gain valuable feedback

Feedback and data are invaluable to a business. Facebook groups allow businesses to trial new ideas or products and receive truthful and honest feedback from their loyal community of fans. With Facebook’s advanced analytics, businesses can now know more about their customers than ever before. This is essential to growing a business and targeting your customers effectively in the future.

Using Facebook groups to gain valuable feedback is a win-win for both your audience and your brand. Your audience will feel close and valued by your business when you ask your niche Facebook group for feedback, and your business will receive organic engagement and data in return for their efforts.

Facebook’s analytics allow businesses to see which offers and features they are most interested in as well as what your audience’s true demographic is such as where they live, what they like and dislike and their age range. This will help with future marketing.

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To promote an event

Facebook groups are great to promote your business’s upcoming events. The organic reach and engagement these groups provide will help to sell your events tickets and ensure it is busy on the day. Many loyal fans will then share photos and videos from the event back into the group which will create a FOMO effect, this will help to promote your next event.

There are other useful tools on Facebook to help promote your businesses event such as creating an event that is then linked to your business page. This is a great way to share valuable information on the event, useful links and then to create a place for attendees to share photos.

To build a loyal and trusting community

Depending on whether you create a Facebook group for your business or you join a group managed by someone else, your business can gain different benefits. Facebook groups created by your business are great for building a community of your most loyal customers. These loyal fans are happy to spend their free time talking about and very softly promoting your business. You will receive a slightly different benefit from joining another Facebook group. Joining a Facebook group managed by someone else will allow your business to reach new customers and network with other local businesses.

Facebook groups help customers feel close to your business and feel as if they are special. This breeds loyalty which is exactly what we want. Whether you are a part of a Facebook group for your local area or have created one specifically for your business, you are tapping into a niche community of people who are ready to engage with you. This loyalty and trust are invaluable.

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social media marketing

To share exclusive offers or content

You can use Facebook groups to gather feedback, share exclusive offers or watch how they interact with various styles of posts before you roll out changes across the rest of the business. Using a closed Facebook group to share item-specific offers, discounts or offers can help to increase sales and brand loyalty. This type of group would be known as a closed/exclusive Facebook group and they are highly sought after if you market it correctly.

You do need to be careful when it comes to Facebook groups rules and regulations. There are a host of regulations depending on if your group is externally managed or managed by your Facebook page. These regulations could include no hate comments, discrimination etc. Some groups also prevent you from posting “sales” or offer led posts as this doesn’t comply with their membership terms. This can be tricky if you want to share a local residents offer into a neighbourhood group.

If you are considering using Facebook groups to increase your organic reach and engagement then our team would highly recommend it. This tool can also be used for customer care, where customers can use the group to address problems and help one another out. This idea is good for keeping your Facebook reviews positive and negative reviews out of plain sight.

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