In the past week and a bit, we have leapt into May. Spring is well and truly upon us and a whiff of summer is definitely in the air.

We’ve had a busy time in the studio this week, from new website set ups to finalising print projects to complete rebranding work. It’s been a mixed barrel and we’re looking forward to showing you the results of our hard work over the coming months. For now though, we will share with you the things we have been loving in the studio the past month.

Quentin our Creative Director, has been loving the Pantone studio app.

A designers best friend in the form of a reasonably priced app. It allows you to seamlessly create colour palettes from photographs and phone camera wherever you are. Want to know the exact colour of that apple you’re about to eat? This is the app for you!

Once colours are extracted, these are available as CMYK, RGB and HEX colour reference guides. You can even mix and test colours within the colour palette to see how the colours work with each other before applying these to a project. All colour palettes created are easily saved and shared across multiple platforms – great for impressing your friends and clients!

Find out more about the Pantone Studio App here

Pantone Studio App

Mark our Managing Director, has been loving Why No Padlock?

A very handy free service for confirming how securely your website is performing. This is great, not only for checking security but also SEO. It is also handy for pinpointing why SSL certificates may not be working properly for any reason.

Simply enter your secure website details and Why No Padlock will provide you with a secure check of valid SSL certificates (including expiration dates and certificate domain), Insecure calls to images, CSS and javascript and SHA-1 algorithm and POODLE tests.

Click here to see how Why No Padlock? could work for you

Why No Padlock?

Jen our Senior Designer, has been loving @Proboynick

A breath of fresh artistic air in the form of Nikita Golubev, a Moscow based artist who uses dirty vehicles as a canvas for his work. Nikita creates highly detailed illustrations using just his fingers and a variety of paintbrushes, resulting in masterpieces that vehicle owners don’t want to wash off!

Click here to see an original article about Nikita

Check out his fantastic Instagram feed here

Pro Boy Nick (Nikita Golubev)

Hannah our Junior Designer has been loving the Palettab Google Chrome Extension.

A great way to get small snippets of inspiration throughout the day. Palettab is a Google Chrome extension that gives you a different colour palette and range of different fonts every time you open a new tab using Google Chrome. The colour palettes are linked to Colour Lovers and gives you the option to create and save different colour palettes. The fonts shown are linked to Google Fonts and allows you to click though and download these with minimal fuss – useful for when creative block hits.

Click here to get the Palettab extension

Find out more about colours here

Find the perfect Google font here