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When it comes to making your website visible in Google search, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Maybe you want to generate more leads via your website, or you want to increase footfall in your bricks & mortar store. Or perhaps you’re an eCommerce retailer and more online sales is your primary goal. Your SEO strategy needs to include the planning, outlining, and implanting steps designed to improve search engine rankings. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to optimising and updating your SEO strategy from an SEO agency in Cotswolds.

Definition: SEO or search engine optimisation ensures your site is discovered by your potential customers, for the search terms that matter.

Align Your Content With Key Word Search Terms

When searching the internet, you want to find what you are looking for using the search terms you enter. Creating fresh and engaging content to upload on your website that emphasises the search terms your target audience are using is the main goal of your SEO strategy.

Google bots search through the internet for all of the new content that has been uploaded. It will prioritise the sites that are using keywords best suited to the search terms, resulting in a higher ranking. Sometimes a consumer will search for a specific product on Google. If this is the case then the consumer more than likely knows they want to buy the product. However, they are wanting to know where to buy it based on brand trust, reviews and price. Therefore the more new and engaging content you have on your website about specific keywords for the product will help rank higher, giving you a better opportunity to make the sale.

SEO Agency Cotswolds
SEO Agency Cotswolds

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions Make a Difference

When you are writing a blog post, more than often title tags and meta descriptions get forgotten about. However, these are a vital part of getting your content seen. Title tags are used at the top of the blog post and give the consumer (and Google) a quick insight into the content you have uploaded. Your title tag needs to have your keyword included as well as being short and concise.

A meta description is an element of the page that describes and summarizes the contents of your page for the benefit of users and search engines. Meta descriptions are known to improve the click rate on Google. If the consumer clicks on your page as a successful search from their search term, Google will recognise this as a success. Consequently, it will have a positive effect on your ranking. Meta descriptions should also always include your keywords as well as a brief but effective description of your blog that entices the reader.

Optimizing Your Images
File Size & Alt Tags

As a website design agency, we always see clients uploading images onto their website that are too big in size and affect the site speed slowing it down. If a website is slow to load then your reader will click off quickly. This is a red flag for Google and takes your site speed into consideration. If your images are too big and not in the correct format to load efficiently your ranking will decrease very quickly.

When you take the time to fully optimise your images in line with your SEO strategy you will soon see the results. Images on every website also have alt tags. Alt tags help Google understand what sort of images you are using on your website. The alt tag of each image should describe the image but also include your keyword. To be effective for Google to recognise they need to be concise.

User Experience Counts

As much as we write fresh content for Google we also have to consider the reader and their experience when looking at your website. They are many things to consider like:

Design and Readability – Design has a big effect on how consumers read your content including the use of relevant images and white space
Subheadings – The us of subheading will not only help Google understand how your content is to be read but it will also help your website viewers.
Site Speed – As mentioned above, site speed will make a difference to your ranking if it is too slow.


Keeping an eye on the keywords your audience is searching for will have a positive impact on your SEO. Having an effective SEO strategy you can better maintain your SEO position on Google. Do you need help getting more traffic to your website and engaging more customers? As an SEO agency in Cotswolds, we have the ability to help explore your SEO strategy to improve your position.

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