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2021 design trends to watch out for.

Your logo design is the one thing that your customers will see before anything else.

This means that the more you invest in a strong logo design, the more likely you are to get a better quality, stronger brand that resonates with your target audience.

Your logo is often the first point of contact for prospective clients or customers. Therefore, as a creative agency specialising in website and branding, we’re always opening our client’s eyes to the wider picture of branding.

If you feel like your business isn’t reflecting your values, appearance and product or service correctly, it might be time for a brand refresh. Why not speak to our Worcestershire based agency. We discuss if you are looking for a full ‘brand’ with logos, colours, guidelines and brand values or simply just a logo refresh.

As we approach the end of 2020, our teams have been looking back on this year’s trends and looking forward to 2021’s logo design trends. We’ve put together our top 6 logo design trends we feel will be at the forefront of 2021:

Webster Hart Logo
Audreys of Broadway LogoAudreys of Broadway Logo
JH Designs LogoJH Designs Logo

Asymmetric design.

Gone are the days where everything has to be perfectly aligned. Abstract is trending again. An asymmetrical design appears more natural and conveys a freestyle of design to any logo. Opting for a unique asymmetrical design like Pepsi, Nike and Apple can increase your brand awareness, after all, this design has clearly worked for many brands.

An asymmetrical design is going to be front and centre throughout 2021 so, if you’re planning a brand refresh why not suggest this style of a logo?

Creating a unique font.

We’ve all heard of The Home Edit currently on Netflix, it’s taken the organisation world to another level. These queens of organisation have opened consumers eyes to the world of creating their own font. That’s right, your own unique font.

Creating your own font and using this within your own logo design can be risky but it will certainly showcase individuality. The only downside to doing this can be brand awareness and clarity, you’ll need to ensure the investment is worth it.

The use of thin lines.

Minimalism won’t be going anywhere in 2021. In fact, it will only evolve and keep creating new stylish and aesthetically pleasing designs. We always feel minimalist designs are timeless and appear slick.

Thin lines create a good first impression and allow your unique brand to stand out from the crowd. This logo design oozes a composed and individual feel.

Catch your viewers eye and suggest this creative design style for your latest brand refresh.

Bumboo Logo
Mosii England Logo
Aztec Rum LogoAztec Rum Logo

Integrating icons.

Introducing a symbolic shape or icon into your logo design can create a clear and instantly recognisable brand. Nike and Apple have used this style of logo design for years and it’s something that works well when blended correctly.

To create an icon style logo design takes a great deal of creativity to ensure the blend of typography and icon is correct. When this style of logo is done right, it can highlight the product or service your company provides.

Negative space.

We love this trend and it’s something we use time and time again for our evolving brands. It’s been around for years and we’ve still not got sick of it, due to the mystery these logos create.

Designing a logo with negative space pushes the limits of creativity and amplifies the positive space. A logo design can be very complex. Respecting negative space and including it in your logo design will highlight the complexity of your design.

Retro style.

The use of dimmed colours is another big 2021 trend and one which comes under the retro style of logos. The simple shapes and connections to multiple generations will capture the attention to a wider audience.

This heritage style of logo design can help your brand to appear trusted and well established, it creates that nostalgia effect. This means. if you’re looking to pay homage to tradition, this is the logo style for you.

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