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Why your brand is the core foundation to your luxury drinks model


Your brand drives the desire for your luxury product. Your brand and how it is perceived by your customers is what will make or break it.

Always stay true to your story and ensure everything links back to your core values.

Brand vs Branding.

Brand – This is the story behind your product, the feeling it creates and the instant reaction caused when your company is mentioned. Your brand should emulate the reason why you first started the business. It should represent your core mission, vision and values. Your brand should show the world what your product or service is, what the story is and why customers should buy from you over your competitors.

Your brand mission should excite, your brand vision should project and your brand values should differentiate. A brand mission is the core purpose and reason your business exists. Your vision should project what you hope to achieve and become. Your values are what the company believes, this may be personal to you or personal to the way in which you provide your product/service.

Branding – This is how you present yourself to the world. It’s your tone of voice, your messaging, your visual identity presented in a uniform manner to your customer. Alcohol branding is essential so your target audience recognises your brand without needing to see your logo.

Essentially the branding is the visual aspect and the brand is what that visual represents.

There is no luxury without brands.

Your brand drives the desire for your luxury product. Your brand and how it is perceived by your customers is what will make or break it.

Take Veuve Clicquot luxury Champagne house. They can charge the prices they can because of the brand they have created even though the product is Champagne and is available for a much lower price elsewhere.

It’s important to have alcohol branding which creates the feeling of luxury so customers believe they are treating themselves to your product.

Luxury isn’t about surviving it is about thriving

Your whole brand experience should show this. Your packaging, labelling right the way through to your point of sale documents and website should all emulate the same exceptional experience. That brand experience is what keeps customers coming back for more. Every touchpoint with a customer should be an opportunity to upsell and tell your brand stories.

Creating a luxury alcohol brand is touch but achievable. It’s all about consistency and future-proofing. Always stay true to your story and ensure everything links back to your core values.

a bottle of Mermaid gin great Alcohol Branding
Alcohol Branding

How to create a brand

A luxury product has never become luxury because of its exclusivity. It becomes luxurious and desired because of the ethos and values the brand supports and emulates. Customers want to buy into something which is self-reflecting or inspiring.

Once you know your target audience you want to consider colours, shapes and other products associated with that customer. This way you can begin to form trust and intrigue.

Isle of Wight Distillery

A fantastic example of alcohol branding that remains relatable to their audience is The Isle of Wight Distillery. They use the unique character of the island to create their range of spirits. They are committed to sustainability and ensure their packaging emulates their island brand.

Their Mermaid Gin bottle has fish-like scales all over the bottle and the name was inspired by its lead botanical rock samphire, known locally as ‘mermaid’s kiss’.

What are customers willing to pay for?

The most recent trend is all things craft. People love authenticity and love anything craft as they like to feel like they are contributing to something personal. Customers will pay more for a high-quality well-crafted product with a unique brand story. People want to see, hear and feel your passion and this is what they are willing to pay more for.

If you deliver a quality product and experience which is in line with your brand, you cannot go wrong.

As a creative branding agency, a companies mission, vision and values are something that we explore at our initial discovery meeting with each of our clients. If you are looking to define your brand and present yourself with your best foot forward to the world then please get in touch. We can help you to define your alcohol branding and move forward into the world of luxury.

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Alcohol Branding

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