Exploring  mindful drinking and how to market your luxury alcohol brand launch


How understanding the mindful alcohol consumption within your market can transform your marketing strategy for your  luxury alcohol brand

In general, the UK is drinking less. From marketing campaigns to influencers and industry trends, it is clear to see that brands and businesses are not recognising the decrease in alcohol consumption. This means they are missing out on how they can better target their luxury alcohol brand to their audience. 

According to Marketing Week (2021), 39% of people living in the UK drank less during the pandemic. Under 30% say they consumed more alcohol in order to cope better with the stress of uncertainty. It important to fully understand your target audience for your luxury alcohol brand to see how their views and habits around alcohol are going to shape your strategy. 

There are a few generational movements that are the driving force of the mindful consumption movement. This heavily affects how you need to look at your business and your marketing strategy to better align your customer’s values with your own. Below we take a closer look at the different movements behind mindful drinking.  We also explore how you can integrate this within your marketing strategy for your luxury alcohol brand.

Luxury Alcohol Brand Aztec Rum
Aztec Gold Rum - Creative Luxury Alcohol Brand

Health Is Wealth

With more consumers reaching for the low or no-sugar options, brands are quickly having to adapt their flavours and messaging to retain their consumers. 

This goes back to the idea of people feeling in control of their decisions and their well-being. As a luxury alcohol brand, you need to look at how you are promoting serving your drinks and if it is something that consumers will reach for. 

If it is the word ‘healthy’ people are being attracted to then look closely at the related buzzwords like ‘low-sugar,’ ‘natural ingredients,’ and ‘low calorie.’

Flavour Over ABV

Alcohol as a drink is now providing a more sophisticated role in consumers’ choices. They are looking for a unique and diverse range of flavours and are not concerned about the ABV.

As long as the brand experience is still there and the sense of brand feeling is still felt, then your consumer will still feel connected to you.

Consumers are now spending longer drinking one drink instead of 3. They want the experience of the luxury alcohol brand to last for longer

Think Premium For Your Luxury Alcohol Brand

Mindful drinkers want to experience a drink that not only gives your a visual experience but is full of depth and flavour! This is where your luxury alcohol brand needs to embrace the elements of the premium market. You can then express the ethos of your product through our creative messaging and visuals.

Mindful drinkers are now beginning to appreciate the skill within the industry a lot more and are now expecting a certain level of taste of visual identity. This concept fuels brands to be innovative not only in their creative marketing but with their flavour profiles. Consumers are looking for a more sophisticated drink. Luxury alcohol brands need to embody a strategy that is aligned with the luxury alcohol market.

Luxury Alcohol Brand - Riley And Thomas
Luxury Alcohol Brand - Riley And Thomas
Luxury Alcohol Brand - Riley And Thomas

Emotional Freedom

The trend of living a life with no limits is becoming more prominent when it comes to mindful drinking. A generation of consumers are now wanting to make the most of every moment in their life. They do not want to be perceived as ‘wasting time’ on hangovers. They want a clear head to think with in order to be the best version of themselves. 

When you look at this in combination with your marketing strategy, you can further explore showing your target audience and their lifestyle through your imagery. This will make your audience feel connected to your luxury alcohol brand as they can resonate with the visual representation. Emotional freedom when it comes to mindful drinking is a conscious lifestyle choice. Your key messaging should therefore focus more on the opportunity, emotional benefits and time spent better for their consumer.

Experience Over Excessive Consumption

Consumers are now looking at the experience of who you are sharing the moment with and where you are. A consumer will now happily join a group of friends whilst experiencing a single cocktail without feeling the need to excessively drink. 

Experience is becoming part of the economy in an era where consumers will spend more money on the experience and their perceived value. This makes it more of a lifestyle choice for them to consume your luxury alcohol brand.

Your imagery should not solely focus on alcohol but more on the lifestyle in which it is consumed and the feelings surrounding that. You want to make your target consumer feel as involved as possible. And feel like they have emotional freedom when they are looking to consume less alcohol and still feel present

In order to fully understand your target audience when it comes to mindful drinking, you need to understand their wants and needs when it comes to your strategy, marketing communications and visual identity. A luxury alcohol brand needs to fully immerse itself into the consumer experience in order to optimise sales and brand loyalty.

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