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Exploring Why Branding is Important


In today’s crowded market, the effectiveness of your business’ branding is more essential than ever. Your branding strategy must go beyond a logo and a catchy slogan but instead, begin including the individual qualities of your company that set you apart from your competitors.

Effective branding will be a key element in the success and longevity of any business and in order to be part of the success you must first understand why branding is important.

First impressions matter

The way your business appears when a customer first finds you will affect the way they view you in the future. Much like when you are forging personal relationships, a positive first impression of your brand is critical to its success.

A company with well-thought-out, individualised branding will stand out and leave a lasting impression on consumers, whereas a business with a lacklustre branding effort will fade into the background of the market. A study shows that 13% of consumers would pay 50% more for a product or service if their first impression of your business shows you care about having a positive world impact.

A further study states that it takes 90 seconds for a customer to make subconscious judgements about your products so that initial impression holds a significant impact.

Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.
Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.
Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.
Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.
Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.

Trust and credibility are important

Strong, personalised branding will elevate your business credibility within the market of your competitors. Consumers buy from companies that they trust and this trust comes from a brand that communicates professionally, reliably and consistently through their branding.

If a customer can instantly recognise your brand and its credibility, they are more likely to choose your company above your competitors. A study discusses how 59% of customers prefer to purchase products or services from brands that are familiar to them with 21% saying they have purchased something simply because it comes from a brand they like.

The same study also advises that 31% of consumers believe trustworthiness is the most important aspect of your branding. With that in mind, as a creative branding agency, it would be unadvisable for your business to ignore the power and impact of strong, well-established branding.

Emotional connections

A successful company has to go beyond simply meeting a customer’s immediate needs, they also should be looking to build an emotional connection with their consumers. Businesses that resonate with their customers on an emotional level are more likely to retain customer loyalty as people often opt to buy from businesses that align with their personal values, beliefs and emotions.

A study shows that 89% of consumers stay loyal to brands who share their values so your branding has to be emphasising the core beliefs of your business. Another study discusses how 64% of women and 68% of men surveyed have felt an emotional connection to a brand they are buying from, your branding can be used to extract these reactions from your customers, setting your company apart from your competitors.

Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.
Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.

Differentiation within a crowded market

Consumers are constantly facing an overly saturated market so if your branding doesn’t offer something unique, it will get lost in the sea of options. Effective branding will give your business the USP that it needs to draw the attention of new customers. If your businesses can resonate with customers in a thought-provoking way through branding across all of your business touch points, you are offering them more reasons to choose you over your competitors.

A study shows that you have 10 seconds to grab a consumer’s attention with your logo, within that time they will have already formed their judgement. This is your chance to ensure your logo branding jumps out as something unique while also having meaning towards your business.

Consistency builds relationships

Consistent branding across all touch points of your business is essential to enhancing your company’s recognisability. You have to be thinking about everything from logo and website design to packaging and customer experience, each element needs to feel like it all belongs together and quality of branding must match the style of your business.

With each touchpoint, consumers become more familiar with the tone and values of your company and the more familiar they are, the more likely your brand will be at the forefront of their purchasing decisions. A study discussed that 71% of those surveyed expressed that their admiration for a brand comes from a positive customer service experience. Spending the time to cultivate a positive perception of your company through friendly customer service will have a huge impact on the reputation of your business.

Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.
Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.
Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.

So, why is branding important for your business?

Strong, well-thought-out branding will be a strategic investment for your business to ensure it is at the forefront of consumers’ minds when deciding where they will spend their money. Compelling branding goes beyond the logo on your website, it is the story of your business, the experience your customers will have and a promise about the quality of your company. As a creative branding agency, when know that in a market where the choices are saturated, your branding will anchor your business’ status.

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