How A Design Agency Uses Storytelling To Make Each Brand Unique


The definition of the noun storytelling is “the activity of telling or writing stories,” and this is precisely what you should be doing for your business to create a connection with your audience.

The consumer market is fast-paced and competitive, with choices being offered in abundance making a unique brand identity essential to your success. As a design agency, we understand the importance of developing a brand story that resonates with the customers. We want to delve into why the impact of storytelling is profoundly important to ensure you have a truly unique brand in the case of our client, Turismo Watch Co.

Human connection

Having a compelling brand story at the heart of everything you do will humanise your business and if consumers can relate to your narrative it is more likely to evoke emotions that create a connection between you and them.

The founders of Turismo Watch Co, Andy and Quentin, have always wanted their brand to hold the core values of friendship as a brand born from two friends sharing a passion for racing and watches. Their website’s ‘Our Journey’ page navigates visitors through the beginnings of Turismo and explains their connection to the concept. By opening up to consumers directly about the founders of a company, you are emphasising the human element behind the business rather than the only focus being on the physical product being sold.

People connect with people. That is a fundamental concept to be considered when implementing your brand strategy. On Turismo’s social platforms, they are keen to use 2024 to let their followers into the background of the company, allowing them to truly get to know the faces behind the brand.

Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.
Creative Branding Agency - Turismo Watch Co.

Standing out in a crowded market

Every brand will face competition from others in its sectors but telling your own unique story is a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

For Turismo Watches Co. their stand-out story is the connection their watches have with the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance racing event. Both their Pilote Racing and Tertre Rouge Chronographs have subtle hints about the event that make them stand out against other watch companies.

The Pilote Racing Chronograph has been designed in the colours of the Ford GT40 that has won the Le Mans race two years in a row, the bright blue and orange are stand-out features on this luxury timepiece. The Tertre Rouge Chronograph is named after the Tertre Rouge corner that is featured in the Le Mans race track. These are unique features within this brand’s identity and by telling these stories on their website and across their social media channels, the Turismo brand is growing stronger.

Setting brand values in stone

Your business is more than just the products you sell, it’s the values you stand for. No matter whether it is a commitment to sustainability or a social responsibility, it is your storytelling narratives that bring these values to life. Turismo Watch Co. is dedicated to being a British-designed, Swiss-made company that only offers the highest quality products to their customers.

The Swiss origin of both watches is detailed on the website and filters into all elements of their branding. There is no use simply putting out a mission statement without having the storytelling to back it up.

Both the website and social media platforms associated with Turismo emphasise this message to their customers through branding and blogs, creating a timeless luxury story behind the watch.

Design Agency - Turismo Watch Co.
Design Agency - Turismo Watch Co.
Design Agency - Turismo Watch Co.

Storytelling on social media

Growing a social media following on oversaturated platforms will always come down to how unique your branding and storytelling abilities are. If you aren’t able to inject personality into your profiles, they will simply look like corporate pages that do not interest a consumer. Using a few simple storytelling techniques within your social media plans will liven up your channels and offer your followers more value.

Break down your brand’s story into a series of posts – in January, Turismo Watch Co. are taking their customers back to the beginning of the brand, reintroducing the founders and reminding their followers who and what Turismo is.

Highlighting customer experience – using your social platforms to share the experiences customers have had with your brand will reinforce brand loyalty. Going into 2024, Turismo is looking to share more customer testimonials with their followers.

Behind-the-scenes content – to bring your brand to life, you can take your customers behind the scenes with social content, making them feel involved in the action of the business. During each photoshoot, the Turismo team make sure enough behind-the-scenes content has been captured to then use on their Instagram Stories or as part of a TikTok series.

Visual storytelling – social media sites like Instagram and TikTok are visual-focused rather than text-focused so the visual content you are producing needs to be of high quality. Using imagery and graphics will emphasise your brand’s storytelling and add depth to the business. Turismo Watch Co. aim to shoot new, organic content each month to ensure they always have fresh images on their feed.

Design Agency - Turismo Watch Co.

So, how does storytelling make your brand unique?

The key to effective brand storytelling is authenticity. In an oversaturated market, products and services can seem interchangeable but well-crafted brand storytelling is a valuable tool in crafting a unique identity within the market. A singular focus on what your business is selling will not attract customers and extend brand loyalty but a brand narrative that creates connections and builds trust will.

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