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Client: Black Lion Vodka


‘With the family farm deep-rooted in our hearts, we’re passionate about sustainability and producing exceptional vodka.’ – Tim & Tanya Spittle

Black Lion Vodka is a family-owned, British business with a passion for adventure. Based in the Cotswolds, owners Tim and Tanya thought it would be a brilliant idea to convert an otherwise waste product into the UK’s first sheep’s milk vodka. They set up the business 3 years ago with the vision to enter the spirits industry with their niche alcoholic beverage made from a rare breed of sheep, Black Lion. With most vodkas being made from grains, potatoes or grapes, Tim and Tanya saw a gap in the market and an opportunity to put this unique distilling process and their rare breed of sheep firmly on the map.

After looking for a website and branding agency to turn their vision into a reality, Tim and Tanya appointed Riley and Thomas to complete their website, branding, marketing and SEO. This partnership has been a match made in heaven due to everyone’s passion for sustainability, provenance and releasing the UK’s first sheep’s milk vodka!


What we did.

Logo Design
Brand identity
Marketing collateral
WordPress website design

What we do.

Web hosting
Digital marketing
Mailchimp email campaigns
Social media
Blog content and design

Black Lion Vodka branding
Black Lion Vodka branding
Black Lion Vodka packaging
Black Lion Vodka branding
Black Lion Vodka branding
Black Lion Vodka branding

The Journey

The brand has been based on Tim and Tanya’s core values and overall brand vision – We needed to showcase the brand’s sense of provenance, sustainability, passion, quality and spirit of adventure. Being a new and incredibly rare product we needed to build the brand from the ground up.

Within the first month of working with Black Lion Vodka, we gained a greater understanding of what they wanted to achieve, who their target market was and put together their buyer persona. This background research really helps to build an idea of who we’re targeting when the client has no previous data.

Our target market is high net worth individuals/entrepreneurs with an interest in the outdoors and sports. Their customers wish for something real, transparent and unique. The drinker of Black Lion cares for the environment and what they are putting in their body. With this in mind, we started working on the designs ensuring that each element not only reflected our core brand values but appealed to our target market.

Luxury Logo Design

Making your mark in the alcohol industry is challenging without an eye-catching icon. This logo will draw your consumer’s eyes towards your product and make it easier to spot amongst competitors. We wanted to create something unique yet symbolic for Tim and Tanya – Hence the rams head. The rams head sparks intrigue amongst customers, reflects the brand story, and gives a nod to the provenance behind the sheep producing the all-important waste product.

The rams head features across all aspects of the Black Lion Vodka packaging, this is to help raise awareness for the rare Valais Blacknose sheep and educate consumers about where their vodka comes from.

Black Lion Vodka Logo
Black Lion Vodka Bottle
Black Lion Vodka packaging
Black Lion Vodka packaging
Black Lion Vodka packaging

Luxury Alcohol Brand Packaging

Black Lion Vodka will be launching with a 70cl glass bottle with synthetic cork. This bottle is made from thick durable glass to ensure the contents is well protected. It features a raised base which is one of the reasons for choosing this style of bottle. The raised base created the illusion of the Matterhorn mountain rising from the inside of the bottle – This feature helps to convey the brand story.

Riley and Thomas designed the bottle label to present each aspect of the brand in a captivating way. We used a combination of embossing elements and silver foiling elements to highlight areas of the branding we wanted customers to take note of. Adding the embossed elements creates a luxurious feel to the label.

We played with a variety of label ideas however we have all concluded that the matte-finished and frosted label with silver foil is the one. This frosted effect makes the mountain scene on the front of the bottle come to life. This mountain scene is a blend of the Cotswolds and the Matterhorn Mountain so this snowy/frosted effect is perfect for bringing the brand’s provenance and adventurous side to life. We have then designed the back bottle label to ensure the barcode is visible and scannable.

The bottle comes encased in a sophisticated tube with a point of sale leaflet included in the tube. We have designed this leaflet with a glossy finish and plenty of imagery to showcase the brand values! The tube has a dual purpose; to protect and to add an element of luxury. This tube has been made out of cardboard and printed on the outer side with a rams head style design. The logo featured on the tube also be embossed and foiled to mirror the bottle label.

Black Lion Vodka branding
Black Lion Vodka branding
Black Lion Vodka branding

Social Media And Marketing

We have developed the Black Lion Vodka brand and grown the business through online and offline marketing activity.

We have been brought in to build brand awareness, educate consumers, increase visitors to the website, and encourage customers to purchase direct and through the website. With the brands launch coming up at the beginning of May it has been essential, to create a 12-month marketing plan to ensure we meet our goals.

Since we have finalised the Black Lion Vodka branding and website we have initiated the marketing strategy. Our team publish content in the form of email marketing, blog writing, POS and social media.

The Results

Tim and Tanya are delighted with how we had transformed her vision into a working reality. We now work closely with Black Lion Vodka in running their marketing and social media communications as well as the development of e-commerce.

Black Lion Vodka launches on the 1st of June 2021. It’s an exciting moment for owners Tim and Tanya, so if you’re interested in purchasing a bottle, head over to the Black Lion Vodka website! Each bottle will be coming with all of the packaging mentioned above.

Black Lion Vodka owners
Black Lion Vodka sheepdog


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