Client: Mosii England


Client: Mosii England
Luxury handmade slipper designer.

Mosii England is the first luxury hotel slipper designed and founded by Michael Lewis. Michael has over two decades of footwear and accessory design experience in the luxury fashion industry. Having held directorship roles with Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace and Tom Ford, Michael decided to diversify away from the catwalks and to pursue his reinvention of the iconic hotel slipper.

With a desire to end single-use hotel slippers, Mosii was born to create a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing slipper so guests want to take them home. Michael came to us in search of a creative agency with experience in high-end luxury branding to create his brand and website.

What we did.

Luxury branding logo
Logo design and development
Brand identity
Marketing collateral
WordPress website design
Responsive web design
Web hosting

Mosii England
Mosii England
Mosii England

The Journey

After multiple meetings and extensive research, we went to work to create a proposal. Having a visual representation of how your brand can look and feel is so important to the client. Within this proposal, we created mock-ups to showcase how the website might look, what colour palettes and fonts would work best and how the brand would appeal to the high-end luxury hotel market. From this selection of initial ideas, we can understand what the client likes and dislikes.

Michael wanted to appeal to both B2B and B2C customer bases meaning his website not only had to educate potential customers on why you should favour an eco-friendly hotel and spa slipper over a single-use slipper, but it also had to be easy to navigate and purchase from. Using our knowledge and experience in targeting both B2B and B2C audiences, we designed a fully functional website focusing on strong visuals and consistent brand messaging.

Following further meetings, we decided on a responsive website design, site map, brand identity and messaging. These mock-ups presented Mosii England as a global brand paving the way for sustainability within the hotel and spa slipper market.

Mosii England

Luxury Logo Design

The Mosii England logo was all about designing something clean and simple. Being the first point of contact with your customer, Michael wanted the logo to represent elegance and sustainability. After producing an array of logo variations, we decided on a clean and simple font that is perfect for attracting Michael’s target market.

The logo will be at the forefront of everything for this brand so it’s important to get it right, the first time.

Luxury Brand Development

Once we’ve finalised the likes and dislikes of each aspect of our website and branding proposal, we begin developing. This is when we begin to breathe life into a brand and truly see it turn into what we see today – Mosii England.

With our client needing to educate customers on the eco-friendly side of the business it’s important the website and branding convey this in a subtle and positive way. We’ve helped to position Mosii England as an authoritative figure with strong industry knowledge in the sustainable hotel and spa slipper market, through elegant branding and a mobile-first website.

The main goal in the brand development and web design stage for this client was to allow Michael to sell his luxury slippers to both B2B and B2C customers. Using a combination of stock and product imagery, we populated the website to appeal to Michael’s target market and finalised the brand’s tone of voice to ensure brand messaging is consistent.

Brand Guidelines

Aligning your brand’s identity with what your target audience desires is the first challenge however maintaining that consistency is key. This is where brand guidelines are so important. Brand guidelines help to clarify the experience and personality behind the brand, their core values and their tone of voice across all communications. These ensure a cohesive brand identity can be maintained across all mediums. The brand guidelines will also form a basis for the customer experience beyond the website to their packaging.

The Results

Michael is now able to present his high-end luxury hotel and spa slipper brand to potential hoteliers and customers. With a sleek logo and brand, Michael now has a brand that perfectly reflects his personality and ethos. After reaching out to multiple hoteliers and receiving an outstanding response, Mosii England is now opening their first shop in The Cotswolds.

Mosii England


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