Project Description

Client: Sláinte Irish Whiskey
Luxury Multi Award Winning Irish Whiskey.

Launching Autumn 2021

Sláinte Irish Whiskey was founded with the ambition of becoming a globally recognised premium Irish Whiskey spirit brand.

Sláinte Irish Whiskey is a premium golden whiskey with first class branding, packaging and taste to support a high-end market position. The secret blend has been refined so that the specific formula of whiskey, water and natural caramel colour combine to create a world class premium Irish Whiskey product.

Like other alcohol spirit markets, the global Irish Whiskey market is entering a phase of huge global demand which is driving growth in core whiskey drinking territories around the world. The ‘existing saying ’ of Sláinte (pronounced SLAN – CHA), THE TOAST OF IRELAND, used in a brand is unlike any other spirit or drinks brand currently available. The immediate brand association with IRELAND and WHISKEY is already well established in the minds of consumers.

Since its inception, Sláinte Irish Whiskey has been well-received from the whiskey spirit industry, winning over 10 international awards in recognition for its high quality taste. GOLD WORLD WHISKEY AWARDS 2020.

The imagery and branding of the product will draw the product to the front of the market with instant ‘Google’ impact as the result of a well defined and executed SEO strategy. This has been combined with a clear marketing and brand positioning strategy that has been integrated across all platforms.


What we did.

Marketing collateral
WordPress website design
Responsive web design
Web hosting
Digital marketing
Social media
Logo design
Brand identity

Sláinte Irish Whiskey
Sláinte Irish Whiskey
Sláinte Irish Whiskey
Sláinte Irish Whiskey
Sláinte Irish Whiskey
Sláinte Irish Whiskey
Sláinte Irish Whiskey
Sláinte Irish Whiskey
Sláinte Irish Whiskey


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