Client Case Study: Refreshed Brand Identity, Website & Design Approach for Bristol Twenty Coffee


“When we started Bristol Twenty Coffee Company, we knew that we wanted quality and responsibility to define us” Rory Ireland, Founder.

Bristol Twenty Tea & Coffee Co proudly amalgamates a wealth of 40 years’ collective experience in the domains of coffee craftsmanship, offering an exclusive and comprehensive solution to your discerning tea and coffee aspirations. Their extensive array encompasses an array of artisanal coffees, including an unparalleled selection of small-batch roasted espressos and exceptional single-origin coffee. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and sustainability, their philosophy is elegantly simple: to help you serve the very best range of hot drinks possible in the most sustainable way we can.

In 2014, Bristol Twenty Coffee Co. approached Riley and Thomas for a transformative journey. Their vision encompassed a modernized brand identity, an e-commerce platform, and a fresh visual narrative. The team at Bristol Twenty Tea & Coffee Co graciously entrusted us to elevate their business through a new creative vision.


Our directive was clear: a refreshed brand identity, elevate brand recognition to unprecedented heights, kindle desire for their offerings, amplify online traffic, foster customer conversions, and evoke excitement among online visitors to indulge in the elegance of Bristol Twenty’s offerings. Like the timeless maritime connection of Bristol, this tea and coffee establishment has masterfully curated decades of collective proficiency in sourcing the world’s most impeccable green coffee beans, roasted daily to capture unrivalled freshness.

From its inception, Bristol Twenty was built upon the foundations of excellence and accountability. These values, harmoniously intertwined with the tapestry of the coffee industry’s heritage, provided the catalyst for the emblematic visual emblem that now stands as a beacon of their identity.

Luxury Refreshed Brand Identity & Development

Our journey began with research into the resonance of their existing brand identity within the market. This yielded a array of opportunities and enhancements, each tailored to materialise our creativity. The emblem now embodies a story—a history interwoven with the company’s legacy and values—a symbol that radiates not just luxury, but authenticity.

Our methodology is immersive—a deep dive into your business’s essence and aspirations. We acquaint ourselves with your narrative, in collaboration with our creative process that we can explore together. This immersion forms the bedrock for brand development, intertwining the rich historical tapestry with the contemporary digital realm.

Central to the evolution of the Bristol Twenty Coffee Co. brand was our unrelenting drive to inspire customers not just to purchase products, but to immerse themselves in the brand’s ethos. We aimed to evoke a connection beyond the transaction, a resonance with their values.

In the realm of e-commerce, customer experience transcends the digital—it encompasses all the touchpoints that shape perception. A seamless, intuitive e-commerce system is paramount, and for Bristol Twenty Coffee Co., this was non-negotiable. Adaptability was key, as new blends and freshly roasted coffee needed to be uploaded at any time.

As our six-year journey with Bristol Twenty unfolded, evolution became essential, both for the brand and its industry. A refresh was imperative in alignment with a fiercely competitive landscape. The voyage culminated in a comprehensive metamorphosis, encompassing the website’s aesthetics and content, together with sustainably conscious packaging design—an homage to the brand’s eternal pursuit of a better planet.

Brand Refresh Cotswolds - Riley And Thomas
Brand Refresh Cotswolds - Riley And Thomas

“Riley & Thomas have done an amazing job of helping me re-brand the new division of our company and set up my e-commerce website. I was lost when they were recommended to me, but they guided me through the process perfectly and I ended up with exactly what I was looking for. We’ve seen huge growth in our market standing since working with them, and more importantly, our brand is now being recognised nationally as the quality brand that we have worked so hard to achieve. We love the ongoing relationship and commitment we have from Quentin & Mark, and look forward to a productive future together”.

Rory Ireland, CEO Bristol Twenty Coffee Co.

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