Our senior designer, Mark Boston supports Sean Conway on Day 99 of the 102 Iron Distance Triathalon Challenge


Sean Conway has taken on the tremendous challenge of completing 102 iron men consecutively to raise money for The True Venture Foundation, and our very own Mark Boston joined him on day 99 for the 112 mile cycle in North Wales.

Once completed, Sean will have broken the record for the most full-distance triathlons on consecutive days. Sean is an ultra-endurance athlete who has undertaken a series of mammoth challenges over the best part of a decade.

After meeting Sean at a client conference, our team was so inspired by Sean and his mission to encourage the younger generation to get into sports, our very own Mark Boston, decided he wanted to get involved and started his training ready to join Sean for one of his 112-mile cycles.

True Venture exists to inspire and support children and young athletes by improving access to positive opportunities through sports so they can connect with and reach their potential.


Hear what Mark B had to say on his experience:

“To avoid needing to set the alarm for 3 am to make the drive to Mold, in Flintshire, Wales. I decided to drive up the evening before and park the campervan at a nearby campsite, Bryn-Y-Ffynnon Farm (see pics). The next morning, my alarm went off at 5:45 am and after a quick breakfast, I cycled the 3 miles down to Mold Leisure Centre for 6:30 am. There were about 6 riders already waiting outside the Leisure centre for Sean to finish his 99th 2.4 mile swim.

We had a good group of riders; some were regulars who have supported Sean since day one, and some were new faces, like me. We were off, setting an average pace of 18-19 mph, rotating on the front to share the headwind… the miles flew by as we chatted about past rides, experiences and of course bikes. We stopped for three breaks along the way where Sean consumed as much food as possible, washed down with double cream to boost his calorie intake!

On the whole, the weather had been good to us, but the sky went black as we turned onto the final stretch alongside the River Dee. We received a good old ‘Welcome to Wales’ drenching just prior to completing the 112 mile course.

After a quick group photo, I set off on my 8 mile ride back to the campsite. Sean, on the other hand, headed off to get ready to do his 99th marathon!!”


Support Sean Conway on his Iron102

If you want to read more about Sean’s Iron Man 102 Challenge then head over to his website where you can also explore all of the other challenges he has completed … they are pretty impressive! Today is the final day of this challenge, so make sure you head over to Sean’s Instagram page and show him some love and support as he completes his record. As he completes his challenge you are still able to donate to the True Venture Foundation and join him on his bigger mission of encouraging the younger generation to get into sports and providing accessible resources.

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