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Why should your business be on TikTok?


As more people are gaining a better understanding of the power of social media, our social media management team in Gloucestershire are always looking for new ways to increase reach and engagement. Introducing TikTok…

TikTok is a video sharing focused social media platform that allows users to share 15 second – 3 minute videos to their audiences.

Based in Gloucestershire, our social media management team is always looking for new ways to boost our clients’ exposure and engagement. TikTok is a video sharing focused social media platform that allows users to share 15 second – 3-minute videos to their audiences.

With many businesses audiences craving video-led content, TikTok should be considered as that’s exactly what the app is giving us access to. Short-form, fun and creative video has taken social media by storm and this has derived from content creators. If your brand is in need of exposure and an engagement boost then perhaps it’s time to reverse the roles and ask your audience what they want to see and what entertains them. TikTok is a great way to bridge the gap between brands and customers.

Marketers know the importance of user-generated content and therefore these smaller content creators shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, eventually, they could go viral and become a TikTok influencer. Our social media management agency in Gloucestershire would recommend looking out for up and coming influencers who specialise in short-form video to keep your brand at the forefront of influencer marketing boosting your social media engagement and reach.

It’s challenging to get your brand’s messaging across to your target audience on other social platforms because they are so heavily saturated. With paid social media forming a key part of many brands’ strategies, it’s challenging to know which brands built a genuine authentic following instead of buying an audience.

Social Media Management Gloucestershire
Social Media Management Gloucestershire

Our social media management team would like to point out that TikTok is no longer a platform for 13-year-old kids. Its audience has grown so rapidly that your target market could now be prioritising TikTok over other previously favoured platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Although Instagram is fighting back with features like reels, our team predicts that TikTok will eventually take over.

Here is why your business needs TikTok from our social media management team in Gloucestershire:

It’s incredibly fast-growing

TikTok has 1 billion active global users meaning you can build a community of like-minded people knowing more users will continue to join. TikTok really took off in lockdown when many users found themselves with more time inevitable leading to an influx of content creators. This organic, content creator led short-form video is what Millenials and Gen Z want and crave. This idea of craving more videos is what has led TikTok to have such a huge spike in downloads and users.

Reach future customers

Yes, TikTok has a reputation as a social media platform for teens, however, the majority of users are between the ages of 16-24 years old meaning businesses can target their future audiences now. This is great brand exposure and will set your business up for success in the future. Future-proofing your business is key.

Easy for brands to hop on current trends.

These current trends could be sounds, dances or memes allowing your brand to reach a wider audience entertaining as you grow. Your spin on a TikTok trend will help you to share content you might have never thought to share like behind the scenes or your genuine personal thoughts which your customers might resonate with.

Social Media Management Gloucestershire
Social Media Management Gloucestershire

Marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing.

Us Gen Z’s don’t like to be sold to and that’s something TikTok has managed to do incredibly well. Viral videos of hotels, foods or drinks without any brand partnering is what we want to see. It’s truthful and real. These short form videos are less invasive and grab customers attention just as much.

It’s a content creators haven.

If your business is looking to partner with content creators, TikTok is the platform to find new and upcoming talent. Businesses can take advantage of this user-generated content led platform and capitalise on the communities they bring. We would recommend finding your niche and then working with other creators to build your brand on TikTok.

With almost everyone now getting into TikTok with stars like Will Smith, M&S and Mercedes, it’s time to consider starting your business account. TikTok has filled a gap in the market and any marketer out there should pounce at the opportunity to target their audience in a new and creative way.

It’s important to remember that TikTok isn’t for everyone but customers are craving a way to personally connect with a brand. TikTok provides that in a fun way. If you’re still considering it, why not jump on board and create your first TikTok. The only way you will know if it’s worth it is by trying.

Don’t forget to have fun and get creative on the app.

For social media management by our Gloucestershire based agency, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to start your TikTok journey today.

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