Biking Broadway 2015 – A Celebration of Cycling

As part of National Bike week, we will holding a celebration of cycling in the evening of Thursday 18th June 2015 in Broadway.

The High Street will be closed to traffic from 6pm to 8pm for various cycling related events and attractions. From the mini roundabout at the top to the Snowshill Road turn, there will be barriers and stewards. The main car public parks will be reachable and open for visitors as normal.

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Timetable of events Thursday 18th June

Bike Night Timetable

5.00 pm – Set up

6.00 pm – High Street Closes to traffic

6pm – 8.00 pm – Bike Ability course

6.10 pm – Children’s best dressed bike competition

6.10-7.00 pm – Relay Race heats, and final (register your team here)

7.00 pm – Family Ride 1.8 miles around lanes around Broadway

7.15 pm – Individuals Race (register yourself here)

8.00 pm – Road re-opens to traffic



Race A – Relay 3 person teams

A relay race consisting of Teams of 3 riders, sharing one bike Starting from the green, heads up to the Leamington Road mini roundabout and back down the High Street.

One bike per team to be shared by all riders, therefore the riders swap at the green.*

Contact Mark Riley to enter, more teams are very welcome 01386 842936
or fill in this form for the fun relay race.

Prize is a bottle of champagne donated by Simon & Lottie from  The Goldsmithy
*This is for fun, and the rules might change, be mis-applied, forgotten or stuck to as appropriate.

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Race B – Individual, 2 laps

Individual twice up and down the street for those who fancy a sterner test, top athletes on proper bikes welcome, as is anybody fancying a go. Probably a mile sprint in all with a sharp turn at the top and bottom.

Prize is a bottle of champagne donated by Mel from

Contact Mark Riley to enter, more teams are very welcome 01386 842936
or fill in this form for the individuals race.

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Childrens Competition

Childrens Best Dressed rider and bikeBest dressed/decorated bike and rider competition. Under 12 year old entrants.

Bring yourself and your bike dressed up however you want. Someone from TV, or a character in a book? A superhero, or an object. There are no limits.

Hampton International have donated a £50 prize for the best dressed bike/rider.

All participants will get a free ice-cream from Jo and Bo at Icicle Tricycle.

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Wychavon District Council and Cycle Evesham Vale’s BikeAbility for children and adults alike. Come and have a go and test your bike skills. It’s fun and gives you the skills and confidence to cycle in modern road conditions.


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Family scenic ride around Broadway

H-Bug (Honeybourne Bicycle Users Group) are organising a short family ride around some of the lesser travelled routes around Broadway for all ages and abilities.

The scenic bike ride will be 1.8 miles, starting on the green opposite The Swan, go down to the B4632 turn; turn left along West End; turn left onto Snowshill Road and back to the green. We will ride as a “bus” so that we control the traffic.

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Steve Kaos Cycling Circus Entertainer







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Richard Goode Triathlete – WattBike

wattbikeCome and test your power output on Triathlon coach, Richard Goode’s Wattbike, and have a chat about his swimming and triathlon coaching.

A prize for the cyclist who produces the highest Watts/ kilo of bodyweight on the evening is on offer a Wattbike training session at Richard’s studio

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Tandem on a Turbo

Ever wondered what it’s like to ride a tandem? Come and have a go, on a static tandem. Courtesy of H-Bug (Honeybourne Bicycle Users Group).

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Wychavon District Council

Wychavon District CouncilThanks to Wychavon Council for their support, as they are organising and manning the road closure. They really have been very helpful.


Vale Press

Thanks to Nigel  from Vale Press for printing help.

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Biking Broadway









Poster download

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Some pictures from last time

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Team Relay Race – entry form

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Individuals Race – entry form