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Why your business needs a website in 2021?


Your customers are digitally savvy and the web is usually their first port of call for research, price comparison, reviews and often, a final decision. So is your online brand up to it?

Our websites are creatively designed, functional, dynamic and responsive.

Based in the Cotswolds, we specialise in web design and branding. Having worked with a range of luxury clients on some truly exceptional websites, we occasionally get asked the question – Why do I need a website?

If the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t highlighted the importance enough, we are encouraging businesses to get online with a well designed, functional, dynamic and responsive website. This is vital to the survival of many businesses now. More and more businesses are going solely online and are being set up meaning competition is fierce. In order to compete, you need to see your website as your shop window.

Having a website has many benefits like increased visibility especially for small businesses. If you’re thinking of getting a website built, we’re happy to discuss this further.

Our team of Cotswolds based designers have put together some reasons why you should start your web design today.

1. To create a professional appearance.

Having a website makes you look professional and more credible over those businesses with just social media pages. Your web design reflects what your business has to offer and is the perfect place to present your awards, portfolio or products.

When you have a professional appearance to your website, this gives customers a sense and feel of what your business can offer before they even speak or meet you. High-quality photography and an easy to navigate website makes the right first impression. After all, first impressions count especially when showing off your products or services.

2. To rank on Google

With tens of thousands of online searches every second, it is vital for any business with an online presence to be visible on Google’s ever-evolving search results. This means you need to optimise the content on your website for SEO purposes.

Search Engine Optimisation will create a smoother, faster and user-friendlier website. When SEO is done properly using relevant keywords your conversion rates, brand awareness and customer base will increase. If you want to reach your target audience and compete against your competitors, a website is vital.

Contact us and start your web design journey with our Cotswolds based designers!

3. To create long-term success

Without an online presence, specifically a website, your business will become invisible and won’t be able to compete against your competitors. In an ever-changing digital world, word of mouth and bricks and mortar is no longer sufficient for the survival of your business.

To create long-term success you need to establish your place in the industry and ensure you’re seen as the leader. This can be achieved through good web design, high-quality imagery and relevant content (optimised for SEO).

4. To keep customers updated

Your business can keep customers updated on the latest products and services by changing the content on your website regularly.
This includes showing your best testimonials and reviews, this gives potential customers confidence in your business.

Having a website is an easy and effective way to ensure your business is easily found, contactable and transparent. Customers will gravitate to your website to find the latest information and to confirm that your business is legitimate.

Having a website is a great investment for your business because it moves you into the 21st century and gives you an all-important digital presence.
Social media is great but what’s even better is having a well-designed website to link back to, this helps customers to trust your brand.

Our websites are creatively designed, functional, dynamic and responsive from years of experience using WordPress and Woocommerce.
Riley & Thomas can create a brand new luxury website or refresh your current site, ensuring better customer experience.


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