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Email marketing is a highly effective way of communicating with your customer base and forms a major part of your marketing strategy.

Here at Riley and Thomas, we use Mailchimp as our email marketing platform of choice. This is because Mailchimp allows us to produce a variety of well-designed email campaigns as well as grow and segment our audiences.

We’re not only Mailchimp experts but we’re an official Mailchimp Partner. This means we have more tools to reach your customers than ever before.
We constantly achieve better email open rates and click-through rates for our clients than industry-standard email campaigns, and that’s one reason why we’ve been awarded the partnership with Mailchimp.

We’re continually keeping up with email marketing trends to ensure we remain as Mailchimp Experts and provide our clients with current, on brand and on trend campaigns. Here are the most recent email marketing trends from Mailchimp experts:

Mailchimp Experts
Mailchimp Experts


Creating personalised emails is the key to success. A newsletter specifically created based on your subscriber’s behaviour, history and interests is where email marketing is moving. As Mailchimp experts, we’ve seen an increase in revenue when we use personalised messages. It can be time-consuming but it’s certainly worth it.

Adding your customer’s name isn’t enough personalisation, customers require more. A good start is creating segments within your email database. When you target the correct audience with appropriate promotions and news, your overall open rate and click rate increases. Another tip for personalising emails is by optimising the send time to when your audience is most active.

We would always recommend trying to think of the customer’s problems and how your product or service can provide a solution.

Customer Experience.

Customer experience is a major part of marketing and should be recognised as a priority. Creating a good impression of your brand stems from the whole purchasing journey. Any element that could affect your customer’s experience should be seen as an opportunity for your brand to be perceived in a positive way.

We believe that you need to view your customers’ experience online as the same as if they were in a shop. After all, this is the only way you can build relationships and encourage repeat custom.

Your email campaign can be elevated by adding gifs and videos. This adds a soft and visual appearance to your Mailchimp campaigns however, you need to keep in mind email load speeds.

Use visuals that reflect the current climate.

Visuals and good content are everything in marketing and being real and current is the key to a brands success. Using visuals to reflect the current climate is a trend you need to focus on because it’s relatable to your customers. Featuring imagery that’s close to your customer’s reality expresses your sympathy and positions the brand as forward-thinking.

Keeping your imagery current and reflective of current affairs is likely to increase conversions because studies show that relatable content is more trustworthy which in turn creates loyal customers. A good example of this would be models being socially distanced or wearing masks in photos. Using this style of imagery makes your email campaign appear up to date.

Mailchimp Experts - Riley And Thomas
Mailchimp Experts - Riley And Thomas

Be mobile-first.

Another email marketing trend which is here to stay is being mobile-first. Customers are likely to unsubscribe if your email campaigns aren’t mobile-friendly. We’ve seen recently that desktop browsing is no longer higher than mobile. Like websites, it’s vital your newsletter design is mobile friendly. Creating the perfect email design can be challenging but when you get it right, the statistics will show.

Compelling mobile-first emails increase your chances of engagement. When an email is poorly designed for mobile, challenges such as overlapping text and poor formatting occur. We can help you rectify this!


Automated emails help to improve your click-through rates. A good example of an automated email is a welcome email, abandoned cart email or birthday email. When you combine good customer experience, personalisation and automation you’re giving your business the best chance of increased revenue. This is the way our Mailchimp experts can see email marketing going.

Automating emails help businesses save time and money by drip-feeding content into their subscriber’s inboxes. When this style of email is done right and to a high quality it can create strong leads and repeat custom.

When it comes to email marketing, it’s here to stay and is an element of your marketing strategy that needs to be seriously considered. Remaining on top of the trends is one way to stay one step ahead of your competitors. If you require some additional email marketing support from our Mailchimp experts, we can create an effective and efficient way to communicate with your customers.


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