Broadway Playground

I forget sometimes that the playground in Broadway exists, as my children are just too old to be such frequent visitors.   It really is a credit to the village, and in an incredible setting.

The Tour of Britain

The Tour of Britain bike race comes to Broadway on Wednesday 10th September Stage Four is 185Km long, starting in Worcester > Malvern > Pershore > Evesham > Broadway > Snowshill > Finishes in Bristol. see the full stage route map here. There is also a really good document here on how Worcestershire is supporting the race. [...]

Beaufort London

We love getting involved in interesting projects, and this one is no exception. Launched today, Beaufort London is a teaser site for Leo Crabtree's latest venture. I cant say too much, but there will be more details soon.

In the Cotswolds milk comes from cows but also vending machines

This was an interesting project, from a local business with a very unusual business model, a dairy that sells their milk directly to the public through vending machines. The machines are in 3 locations throughout the Cotswolds, and the milk is organic full cream Guernsey cow milk, which is as lovely as milk gets. This [...]

We maintain as well as create websites, ABPCO is one example

The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers is known as ABPCO and has a lively membership where there are always new events, news, and meetings to report. Association and membership site is a speciality of ours, so take a look please at the portfolio page where you'll see  what we provided for ABPCO. For a small [...]